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GIP offer various ODM products, magnetic devices, and also provide OEM services to our customers.

ODM products

GIP's R&D team is divided into the following areas :

  • High power suppliers.  Targeting for business and industrial grade products, meeting up to thousands watt output, with tight safety and reliability requirements, like power supplies for communication servers or medical applications.

  • Small power supplies.  Targeting for domestic and personal use products.  Using latest design topology, together with product ID designer, producing up-to-date products and fashionable products, yet to meet all quality and safety requirements with reasonable price.

  • LED lighting drivers. Targting for LED lighting products. Using the up-to-date design together with optimising the PCBA in order to fit for customer LED lighting products.


On top of producing products according to customer's maunfacturing instruction, GIP also offer pre-production services for customers such that customers can start their product design with GIP from the beginning.  With the production experiences, GIP offer advices for customer such that customer can optimize their design such that product can run smoothly and ramp up faster.


With strong sourcing and purchasing team, GIP support customer from purchasing, product assembly, testing, reliability test and all the way to finished good packing.  Customer just need to place order, specify the shipment location and the goods will reach customer's hand without hassles. 


Confidentiality is a key elements in GIP's culture.  Every design details provided by customers will be kept highly confidential and handled by independent support team.






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